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Welcome to SP2A Speedway

We are living in strange, frightening and uncharted times and for all Businesses living a scenario that few if any could have planned for or envisaged.

At such times it is easy to become despondent or depressed and the Global outlook for all Sports right now, especially Speedway Racing is at best blurred and at worst, frankly frightening.

We have always believed though that out of any difficulty opportunity arises and we have to be ready to grasp that opportunity as a Business, of which SP2A Speedway is a small but highly significant part. It is certainly the case that in the past 18 months or so, the 2 wheel part of our proposition has taken the vast majority of our time and energy and we have loved every minute of that and will seek to continue to do so in the future.

The harsh UK and Global reality though of Covid-19 is that it will be vital for any Business to survive and then grow, to quickly identify it's income and growth strengths, in order to firstly stabilise and then to continue to develop. 

The very pragmatic reality at the moment is that there seems to be little or no chance of any meaningful Speedway in Europe and especially the UK until late summer / early Autumn at the earliest. However, there is a very real prospect that UK Horse Racing, which supported by a massive Betting Industry can be held behind closed doors for the short/medium term future, will spring back in to life as early as mid May, as soon as the more draconian parts of UK "lock-down" are lifted.

We therefore propose to "hibernate" the Speedway side of the business until SGP and UK action returns, whilst continuing to support our Sponsored UK Riders where possible and to continue to offer active support to the Clubs we are associated with.

We have recently signed an exclusive deal with a major European based Sports Analysis Platform, with a truly Global audience to deliver Speedway GP Analysis and tips for a 5 year period from 2020 to 2024 and we will focus on that as soon as the Sport revives and any concrete 2020 plans are announced. We anticipate that these dates may be fluid and subject to change.

We have always planned to devote 2019 / 2020 and 2021 to support the UK Clubs that we are associated with (specifically Eastbourne Eagles) to help to build a Business / Commercial / Website + Social Media and  Community base, that we can then pass on to those who may wish to take the Club forwards. We believe that we are ahead of schedule with many parts of that infrastructure building and will hopefully take it to it's planned handover conclusion some time in 2021.

Our Speedway focus will then evolve more to the Sport Analysis and Betting side of the Sport in SGP and Polish Leagues, where there are legitimate and growing Betting markets. We will continue to offer day to day and extensive management and financial support to Eastbourne Speedway (as required by the Stadium Management of whom we are tenants with responsibility for Speedway) until the end of the 2021 season at least, when we hope that a vibrant, stable and successful Club and platform, can then be handed on to local and passionate supporters and backers to take the Club forwards.

We will then seek to continue to build our day to day Speedway involvement outside of Sport Analysis in to ongoing continued sponsorship and support of young emerging British Speedway Riders and the ongoing and hopefully increasing financial support we hope to offer for Team Speedway GB.

Our core proposition and main Sport in terms of income is, and always will be Horse Racing in the UK and Ireland; and we propose during this strange and difficult period to focus increasingly back on that for the remainder of the Spring and Summer, and to develop some new opportunities in that Sport that we are also developing to use the expert Analysis and Tipster prowess at our disposal, which at the time of writing sees 3 of our 5 core Horse Racing Services as 1-2-3 Rated out of over 200 UK Horse Racing Tipster Services in the UK, based on independent and 100% accurate proofing of all Tips and Analysis prior to Racing and based on SP and Return on Investment.

We await further news regarding any Speedway activity in the UK which is next due to be updated around 15th June, and of any concrete news regarding the 2020 Speedway Grand Prix Series, which will no doubt evolve as does the situation in Europe and Scandinavia in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, wherever you are play stay safe, try to follow Government Guidelines and we sincerely hope to be back on 2 wheels as soon as prudently possible.

Our outstanding Speedway Analysis and Tipping duo of David and Ian Corns look forward to rejoining us later in the summer.


SP2A Speedway

(updated 19 April 2020)



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