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SP2A Speedway Official Photographers

We are delighted to announce that the widely respected SPEEDWAY STAR Track Photographer MIKE HINVES will be our Official SP2A Speedway House Photographer.

Mike has many years of experience at Tracks mainly in the South East and London areas and can be found most Saturday Evenings on the Centre Green at Arlington - Home of Eastbourne Eagles.

Mike is also a good friend and thoroughly nice chap and we are delighted to have him on board.

ALL of Mikes photographs are copy-write and MUST NOT be reproduced or copied without his express and written consent. If you wish to contact Mike, please do so through our Contact Box.

We also welcome a young lady with a growing and burgeoning reputation for her "outside the box" and exciting Portfolio of Speedway Pictures and Calendars. WE welcome Tiffani Graveling to the SP2A Speedway Team



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